Vision, mission, values




Awareness of the path you want to undertake, why you doing this,


what this helps you with and what is important when 


making this movement


Roman Garștea 

Company: AND






        Emotional Intelligence




The concept of emotional intelligence. The 5 


competences that improve the level of 


emotional intelligence.


Otilia Drăguțanu

Company: Ascendis  






 Innovations in marketing



Practical examples of using modern


marketing tools.


Alexei Munteanu

Company: StarNet





Negotiating skills




Negotiation and communication strategies.


Angela Gladei

Company: BDC, TLF





Sellings Skills




The fundamentals of the selling process.


 Selling steps.


The technique of persuasive selling in 5 steps.


Radu Arim

Company: Orbico Moldova






Efficient sales




Selling is not an art, but a well-planned


and well-managed process!


Andrei Preașca

Company: Orange






 Project management



Planning and managing projects.


How to use an untraditional approach in


project management.


Dorin Recean 

Company: Performa






Time Management




How to plan your time?

How to become efficient?


Marina Lupu

Company: Orbico Moldova








Business Etiquette



How to make a good first impression.


Alina Mîțu 

Company: AFAM




Efficient communication



How to build an efficient communication strategy


and deliver your idea to the public.


Vlad Ghenciu

Company: Efes Vitanta




Strategy and marketing




Market analysis and the identification of potential clients.


Applying instruments: Canvas,


PESTEL, Balanced scorecard, Poter's 5.


Angela Gladei 

Company: BDC, TLF




Good manners etiquette




The code of conduct at a


business lunch/dinner companies.


Dorina Arsene 

Company: Puterea succesului